Inducted into Lifetime Membership with LVRS
By Vice President Amy Smith
March 31, 2021

Last night at our 45th Installation of Officers and Award banquet, the members of LVRS inducted two members into Lifetime Membership statuses.


Jaime Lynn Weber started her EMS career in 1999 with the Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad. In January 2000 she applied to Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad and became a regular member in February 2000. Jaime Lynn was already certified as an EMT-B and became an IV Technician with Leonardtown. She is also a member of the Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM) team. In 2002 she certified as an Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVOC) and is a driver/driver trainer.

During the past 20 years, Jaime Lynn has served as Lieutenant (2002-2003), Captain (2004-2006), Assistant Chief (2007), Chief (2007-2009), Board Member (2010-2012), and is our current Treasurer since 2013. She is a Rapid Responder as well as our Supply Officer. She is a Southern Maryland Volunteer Firemen’s Association (SMVFA) delegate where you will see her selling raffle tickets to assist with LVRS fundraising efforts. Jaime serves as the awards chairman with SMVFA. She is also a delegate with the Maryland State Firemen’s Association (MSFA).

Throughout Jaime Lynn’s 20 years with LVRS she has received numerous recognitions to include the Chiefs’ award, Presidents’ award, Lifesaving award, and Squad Member of the Year. She has been one of the top responders for several years. Her contributions to the community go deeper than just responding to calls. You will often see her at various fundraising events with the Auxiliary and has coordinated multiple events within the town during festivals, events, and EMS week. Jaime has been known around the squad has having “colorful language” and often is distinguished on the radio with her “aaaambulance 197” response.

Jaime’s husband John and son Nikolas are also a very important part of the squad. Nikolas will often help Jaime bring in supply orders and helping with inventory. Jaime is a great role model for the next EMS generation. Jaime is a great mentor to younger peers. Her devotion to the community is impeccable and truly is what EMS is all about.

Jaime, we thank you for your dedicated service to LVRS and to the citizens of St. Mary’s County and congratulations on becoming a Life Member.


Greg Schultz first joined the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad Auxiliary in June 1989 and he is still an active member. Greg is a tremendous asset with the auxiliary and during his time with the auxiliary he was often the chairperson during the golf tournaments and Air Shows at Patuxent River.

Greg joined the Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad in February 2000 and became an Associate member in March 2000. Greg quickly certified as an Emergency Vehicle Operator Class (EVOC) and is a driver/driver trainer. With his engineering expertise and background, he is an invaluable asset to the organization. In the past twenty years Greg has served as Assistant Engineer (2002-2018), Chief Engineer (2019-2020) and Board Member (2007-2012; 2014-2020). Greg is a certified CPR Instructor, and he ensures all of our members remain current in those skills.

Throughout Greg’s 20 years of service, he has received the Chiefs’ award, the Presidents’ award, and Squad Member of the Year in 2009. Greg’s attention to detail with regards to our apparatus is paramount to the department. You can often see him around the squad behind the scenes and often after hours making sure that the units remain in service and ready to respond. He is extremely happy that he can now hang meat in the bays with the upgraded HVAC system.

Greg retired after 20 years of service with the United States Navy as a P3 Flight Engineer and worked 25 years as A&P mechanic. He retired from St. Mary’s County Tech Center as an aviation technology instructor. Whenever he runs a duty you can hear him on the radio “roger/copy” on during the day or night duty run. For the past 18 years Greg has been the driver for the Saturday night crew.
In his spare time, you can find him tinkering in his garage. Greg is an avid pet lover. Over the years his ranch has included a horse (Red), burro (Jackie), collies (Prince, Rocky, Reese, Riggins, Roxie Mae, Jackson, Holly Mae, and Scooter), cats (Nita, Jimmy, Nug Nug, Pooh Bear, Tigger, and Susie Q), several roosters/chickens and bees. Greg could not do all this without the support of his wife Debbie who is also a member of the Auxiliary and Squad.

Greg, we thank you for your dedicated service to LVRS and to the citizens of St. Mary’s County and congratulations on becoming a Life Member.

Congratulations to you both on your achievements!


Lawrence B Ludwig April 01, 2021 at 4:24 AM
Well deserved by two excellent people.