45th Installation of Officers and Award Ceremony
By Historian Emma Bussler
March 31, 2021

LVRS had 3157 calls for the year.
14 additional members ran over 100 calls.

Recognition for over 500 calls:
Larry Ludwig
Brett Adams
Tyler Fitzgerald
Jake Karaczynski

Length of service:
Kerry Klear -40yrs
Larry Trader -35yrs
Russ Holmes and Tony Crager -30 years
Jaime Lynn Weber and Greg Schultz -20 years and received Lifetime membership!
MaryEllen Borland, Dave Wright, Lori Brightwell-Hancock and Doug Pennock -15 years
Lisa Cooksey and Charlie Cooksey -10 years
Carole Hofmann Barlow -5 years

Rookie of Year: Celso Chipana

Junior Member of year: Sadie Thompson

Presidents Award:
Jaime Lynn Weber

Chiefs Award:
Amy Smith

Squad member of the year:
Jaime Lynn Weber

Our Auxiliary is outstanding and phenomenal and raised 65,019 even during COVID!!

Also want to recognize Ritchie Tippett and Bunky Taylor for their contributions over the past 25-20 years.