We do make a difference!
By President Rocky Woodburn
September 4, 2019

I want to share something that I have plagiarized from an old friend - forgive me if this offends the author but it best explains my feelings for many reasons. "Tomorrow is never promised...and may times we are asked "How do you do this?" ...to all the brothers and sisters in Fire and EMS and Law Enforcement...we do it because we are called to do it! There is something very special within each of us to go where others will not - to do what others cannot. We get through it because of training, dedication and a need to help...but, we carry each incident with us (whether the outcome is good or bad). We have a deeper understanding of life. We appreciate what we have, (we don't need any recognition but an occasional 'thank you' is sufficient!) I thank God I can be here another day.... Today was a special day...the phone rang in the station...the caller was outside in the parking lot and asked if we could step outside! A young man and his friend wanted to say "Thank you for being there on a certain call. Here is a little something for your hard work." If you folks happen to see this post, we thank you for recognizing what we do, how we feel and maybe why we are here ... for you! God Bless!


Jaime September 05, 2019 at 9:05 AM
And that right there warms your heart when some days you never get time to grab a bite to eat!!!!! <3