EMS working well for Leonardtown and Mechanicsville
By President Rocky Woodburn
September 4, 2019

Sept 3, 2019 stressed the EMS system in both Leonardtown (19) and Mechanicsville (29). Both companies had multiple calls for service and both were doing OK until 19 had a transport to PGTC. While going through Mechanicsville A196 suffered mechanical failure, but 29 had a willing driver who picked up the patient along with 19's Crew Chief and continued on to PG. U19 was enroute to retrieve the stranded A196 crew when a second call was dispatched in 29s area. U19 contacted the DLO for 29 and with their permission respond in A299. The crew from 19 was able to cover several more second due calls for 29 while waiting for the 19 CC to return. As if that scenario wasn't complicate enough...Sept 4, 2019, A198 had a routine transport from Leonardtown to Charlotte Hall. While they were returning a call was dispatched in 29s area and A198 was added. While responding A198 blew a radiator hose! LVRS SENDS A HUGE THANK YOU TO OUR FRIENDS AT MVRS FOR THE USE OF THEIR AMBULANCES BOTH YESTERDAY AND TODAY! WE PROMISE TO TAKE GOOD CARE OF A296 UNTIL WE ARE BACK IN SERVICE. THIS IS HOW THE EMERGENCY SERVICES SYSTEM IN ST. MARYS COUNTY SHOULD AND DOES WORK!