Congratulations to our 2024 Executive Board Members, Executive Appointees and Line Officers
By Historian Jennifer Goucher
January 3, 2024

Let’s welcome our new 2024 Board Members:

President Danny Bowles, Vice President Melissa Persiani, Secretary Emily Litten, Corresponding Secretary Carlee Cooksey, Treasurer Lisa Cooksey, Chief Angie Tennyson, Members at Large Eric Gass and Brett Adams

Executive Appointments:

Chaplain Mike Overs, Historian Jennifer Goucher, Assistant Treasurer Jaime Weber

Line Officers:

Assistant Chief Fred Crum, Deputy Chief Shannon Wince, Safety Chris Smith, Captains Mike Overs and Cathy Fenwick, Lt19A Savannah Gaskill, Lt19B Taybor Grimes, Lt19C Sara VanRyswick, RRV19A Jaime Weber, RRV19B Lisa Cooksey, RRV19C Amy Smith, Chief Engineer Mike VanRyswick