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MSP Leonardtown Barrack Stuffed Animal Drive

By: Deputy Chief Jacqueline Norris,
Date: January 17, 2016

LVRS is proud to support the 1st Annual Stuffed Animal Drive! Stop by the Maryland State Police Barrack in Leonardtown to drop off stuffed animals meeting the requirements listed below, or you can drop them off at our station on either February 2nd or 16th between 6:30 pm and 8:30 pm. Please read below for more information. From the event Facebook Page:

The Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack is pleased to announce the hosting of the 1st Annual Stuffed Animal Drive during the month of February 2016! We are even more pleased to announce we will be partnering with the following Rescue Squads in St. Mary's County:

- Mechanicsville Volunteer Rescue Squad - Leonardtown Volunteer Rescue Squad - Hollywood Volunteer Rescue Squad - Ridge Volunteer Rescue Squad

A comfort object is an item used to provide psychological comfort especially in unusual or traumatic situations for small children. Among children, comfort objects many of times take the form of a stuffed animal. You might be wondering when a Trooper/Police Officer, EMT, or paramedic may need a stuffed animal when dealing with children. Most often times you see stuffed animals given to children when they are accident victims, when they are victims of crime, when they might be a witness to a crime, when they are experiencing a traumatic event, when they are coping with a loss or when they are sick and/or injured. Many police and medical personnel would say that stuffed animals provide a calming effect when dealing with children on scenes.

So why the need for the First Annual Stuffed Animal Drive you ask? On December 29, 2915, we posted a picture of numerous stuffed animal lions that were anonymously given to the Leonardtown Barrack by a Food Lion employee. Needless to say the post spread to over 30,000 people with numerous individual asking if we accepted stuffed animal donations. Our answer? ABSOLUTELY! This post generated so much positive energy within our community that we have decided to host the First Annual Stuffed Animal Drive in February!

So what stuffed animal donations will we accept? New or lightly used! Take a look below for guidelines on stuffed animals we will NOT accept:

- No tears - No stains - No odors - No noises - No religious themes - No battery operated toys - No stuffed animals over approximately 20 inches - If stuffed animals are USED they MUST be washed before donated

Why do we have guidelines? We cannot give out stuffed animals that may trigger an allergic reaction, are unsanitary or may possibly harm a child.

The Maryland State Police Leonardtown Barrack is excited to be hosting an event such as this and even more excited to be working with numerous Volunteer Rescue Squads around St. Mary's County. If you wish to donate, you can drop off the stuffed animals at the Leonardtown Barrack or any of the listed Volunteer Rescue Squads that are participating. At the end of the fundraiser, all stuffed animals donated to this drive will be evenly distributed to all organizations involved!

Questions, comments and concerns can be directed to the Leonardtown Barrack (301) 475-8955 or Trooper First Class Ruth #6188 at casey.ruth@maryland.gov.

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