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Building Addition moving along!

By: President Rocky Woodburn,
Date: November 19, 2015

Anyone driving by or visiting LVRS can't help but notice the progress to Station 19. From our official ground breaking until today, the committee is extremely pleased with how the addition and renovation of the existing facility is going. Although Mr. Davis nor his great crew will comment on a completion date we can envision the finished product. Everyone should be very proud of the addition and the fact that we will have safe comfortable accommodations without a mortgage. We already see significant energy savings by replacing the old heating and cooling systems with high efficiency heat pumps. The apparatus bays have a fresh coat of paint and the whole building will have a new fire suppression sprinkler system. We have our rough electrical, plumbing and building inspections complete and are anticipating insulation followed by sheetrock installation. Exterior work is nearing completion. There is still a bit more destruction, mainly bringing water and sewer service through the parking lot to the addition. Portico's are scheduled for the 2 main/formal entrances. The front door unit is being replaced. The mansards are now covered with a lifetime guaranteed composite slate style finish. The whole exterior of the facility will be as maintenance free as possible with only minor items that will require periodic attention. The current plan for interior renovation of the original office/lounge area will require minimal destruction. The bathrooms will be renovated by removing the showers and installing another toilet for the ladies and hopefully a urinal for the gentlemen. The current admin office will be designated as the new chief's office, the lounge will become the admin office, the kitchen will be stripped out and walls repaired to become the file repository. Some of the kitchen cabinets can be repurposed in the new decon/laundry room. The small bunkroom has been offered to the auxiliary. Wall repairs and a fresh coat of paint will give all spaces a fresh new look. We have replacement office furniture at the ready. We encourage members to tour the progress and bring any concerns or observations to the building committee's attention. Mock is there almost every day. Be safe, be excited, the best is yet to come!

New vs. Old with dental trim.
New slate covered mansard.
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